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Guest Rows and Youth Rowing

Guest Rows

Guests are welcomed, but only under approved and supervised conditions. The CRC Membership Coordinator or Team Captains must be contacted before a guest visit will be permitted (see Contacts page). All guest rowers will be asked to complete and sign a CRC release of liability waiver form. There are two types of guest visits:

  • Guests (Level I) – active sweep rowers from out-of-town clubs who are visiting Corvallis. As a courtesy to our partnership in the Masters rowing club community, out-of-town guests who are actively rowing with a club and are visiting Corvallis are welcome to participate with the CRC for a practice. Out-of-town guest rowers will be seated in a boat on the day of their visit.

  • Guests (Level II) – as prospective recruits/members of the CRC. Guests who are interested in becoming a member of the CRC are welcome but must prove an adequate ability to row based on past experience and get the acceptance of the CRC Board and coaching staff to participate as a guest. Sweep rowers will be permitted a maximum of 3 rowing practices to prove adequate capabilities, but may be declined guest rowing continuation at any time if the coaching staff feels there is a safety risk. When a local guest visits the CRC, they will be placed in a boat only if a seat is available. If the guest rower is interested in joining the CRC and the Board and coaching staff approve, there will be a 4-month probation period and it will be expected that the new recruit follow all of the CRC policies and policies, including paying the appropriate fees during the probation period and attending practices on a regular basis. If membership is declined, the prospective rower might be encouraged to take our summer rowing classes.

Youth Rowing

The CRC does not offer youth rowing. For those seeking rowing opportunities for those under the age of 21, there are limited options within the Corvallis area. From time to time Oregon State Rowing offers summer youth rowing camps. For enrolled OSU students, Oregon State Rowing offers a physical activity class (PAC) each fall term. There are also clubs in Portland and Eugene that have youth rowing in year-round and/or summer programs. Some of these clubs include:


Contact information about clubs rowing in Oregon can be found at RowNW: The Northwest Rowing Council,

Willamette dock and bridge.PNG

Location. The CRC practices out of the Oregon State Rowing Facility which is located on the east bank of the Willamette River across from downtown Corvallis. From downtown Corvallis, take Van Buren Ave. across the bridge and then turn left at the first stoplight.

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