River Depth Measurements

Depth as Marked on the OSU Pole

At the Oregon State Rowing dock, there is a pole that is marked by feet indicating the river depth at that point. The following chart is based on the markings on that pole.

Water level LIMITS (if the river is rising, use the limits in the “If Rising” column):

Debris and Fog

No shells are allowed to launch if there is significant debris in the river or fog that inhibits visibility.

Current River Depth as Stated by NOAA

Click the links below to check the current and projected river depth as reported by the National Weather Service of NOAA. Please note that the depth reported in this chart is always 10 feet higher than what is on the pole at the crew dock. Example: if the NOAA chart indicates that the river is at 15 ft, then the number on the crew pole will be 5 ft.

Short-term forecast and current depth

Long-term forecast and current depth


April 2019. The measurement at the dock pole is a whopping 20 feet. That is 30 feet on the NOAA chart. There was no rowing for us for several days.

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